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Cathedral Flooring are the manufacturer! Of probably the UK's most stable wood floor! A bold statement to make but one we are confident in making; as we enter our 18th year with over 1 million m2 laid, in most cases over under floor heating. Repeatedly approved and specified by Architects and Designers throughout the UK. Our floors are incredibly stable - designed for underfloor heating - An envoromentally concious product - with a 15 year Guarantee.
Can be supplied FSC 100%
Wood Flooring that works, lasts and is incredibly stable. Unlike other floors on the market, Cathedral Flooring has properties within it design which makes it incredibly stable. Its forgiving and its design keeps movement, expansion and contraction to an absolute minimum, making it the safest choice for new developments where problems may occur due to higher than normal moisture and humidity levels. Designed specifically for use with Underfloor Heating it is able to withstand a wide fluctuation in moisture which makes acclimatisation unnecessary.
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