Our Hardwood Flooring range

Most of our products are readily available stock in our main Warehouse.
All our orders are dispatched from our showrooms and warehouse at Kings Worthy so we require one to two working days
to organise disbatch or collection.


Vicarage Engineered Oak Flooring


Vicarage Oak Flooring

The Vicarage range was originally produced for the commercial sector client “pubs and restaurants” as a less expensive alternative to our Cathedral Board. Once sold to the trade only we introduced it to retail customers three years ago. Our vicarage Board is similar to the Cathedral in appearance but the board thickness is 16 mm with a 12 mm ply substrate and a 4 mm Oak wear layer. The board widths are limited to 160 mm and 200 mm. This board comes in either pre-oiled or unfinished. Factory finish colours are not available Vicarage Flooring only comes in a character grade “with knots”. This floor can be laid as a floating floor or stick down. Due to the thickness, this is not a structural floor so can not be laid over joist without support beneath.

Cathedral Engineered Oak Flooring



Cathedral Flooring is our flagship brand and has all the hallmarks of a traditional hardwood floor. Primarily sold as Oak boards with Ash boards stocked but in smaller volume. Standard boards face widths are 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm and 200 mm. Wider boards stocked are 240 mm and 350 mm with even wider boards available to order. A majority of the Oak boards we sell are finished in clear lacquers or hard wax oils. These finishes give you the classic Oak floor chosen by over 90% of our customers. This floor can be supplied factory pre-oiled in clear Oil and also in a selection of colours. Cathedral Flooring come in two grades, Character grade has knots and our Natural grade has very few knots if any at all.

Our Cathedral boards are 21 mm thick comprising of a 15 mm birch plywood substrate with a 6 mm hardwood wear layer giving a good re-sand life for the future. This floor has been specifically designed to be laid over underfloor heating and is specified repeatedly by architects and designers as a safe reliable floor.

Cathedral Engineered Ash Flooring



Ash flooring is a lighter alternative to oak with flamed grain structure and colour variation. Some boards will have an olive streak. This is a common feature. The Ash we use is European so has less olive streak than American Ash. We stock a limited supply in a 180 mm wide board. Our Cathedral Ash flooring is available to order in other sizes. The floor in the above photo is finished in a white, one coat of Treatex Spruce Hardwax Colour Oil and two coats of Treatex Matt hard wax oil.

Cathedral Stair parts (Treads and Risers)



Our Cathedral Tread and Riser sets are designed for use on new or existing stairs and steps. Unlike competitors products, these do not look like DIY add ons. Our stair sets are designed to resemble a staircase in the traditional sense with the treads ample in-depth for cutting to size. The standard steps are 1 m wide so suitable for nearly all domestic stairs cases. We also have sets 1.4 m long to cater for Kites and winders. For use on longer steps, we have a trade fitting 3m long. This can also be used as an Oak Window board.

Parquet Flooring – Engineered (Blocks and Patterns)



Parquetry work describes patterns blocks and inlay and is still the Rolls Royce of Hardwood Flooring. The materials cost are not much greater than plank floors but the labour content is more intensive. We hold stock of blocks in three sizes. The 230 long x 70 wide blocks known to many as the old victorian school blocks are the classic block most people will be familiar with. The photo above is of our 350 mm x 160 mm contemporary block laid in a herringbone pattern and finished
with Treatex matt Hardwax oil.

Our blocks are available in solid or engineered. Oak blocks are the most sought after. Only our engineered blocks are suitable for use with underfloor heating. We stock traditional blocks 230 mm x 70 mm and also blocks 350 mm x 160 mm and 600 mm x 120 mm. These blocks are more contemporary in appearance. Blocks can be supplied square-edged or bevelled. Square edged blocks are laid and then require sanding flush and finishing on site. Bevelled edge blocks can be supplied finished or unfinished. Finished blocks are not always available from stock. Tumbled blocks are blocks that have been put into a machine that revolves with grit or aggregate that marks and distresses the blocks giving a worn, second-hand appearance. are blocks exposed to chemical treatment that causes a reaction with acid in the oak giving a natural ageing appearance?


Herringbone – Engineered Tongue and Grooved Blocks

As the manufacturer, we are able to produce blocks to specification on request to suit our client’s individual taste.
Our most recent innervation is to produce this 70 x 230 engineered parquet Oak block in a tongue and grooved format for ease of laying. Suitable for Underfloor heating when laid to our guidelines. As far as we are aware we are the only company having such a traditional size of the engineered blocks on the market.

Fumed Flooring (Chemically Modified)



Fumed Floors are the new trend in flooring aimed at the top end of the market where clients are looking for something a little different. Ammonia fuming is a practical alternative to staining. The advantage when compared to staining is that separate boards retain individual natural character. Staining produces a more consistent colour match among boards. In this process, the fumes given off by ammonia react with the naturally occurring tannic acid in the wood to darken it. Most commonly associated with oak, which gives the most dramatic results, fuming with ammonia has origins in medieval Europe where livestock barns were typically built with oak timbers. Over time, the oak woodwork near livestock always darkened. This was due to the ammonia in urine. Fumed floors having gone through a colour change still carry on changing colour after delivery and installation. We can advise on the colour we expect the floor to end up but there is no guarantee as separate batches of fuming and separate boards within a batch can give different results.