Cathedral site finished with Treatex Antique Hard Wax Oil

Cathedral unfinished oak, site finished with Treatex Spruce Hard Wax Oil is a light toned floor. One coat of Treatex Spruce colour tone is applied and then two coats of Treatex Natural 5% White Hard Wax Oil in Matt. As with most hardwood floors, the colour may change over time. Regular cleaning using soap-wash and the use of white maintenance oil when required should keep this floor looking good for years to come. Treatex Colour Tones have been designed to give you a beautiful range of colours with which you can change how your floors, doors, stairs and worktops look and feel, without hiding the grain or the natural beauty of the wood. This allows you to match the colours in your home when every piece of wood is different, being that every tree is unique. Treatex Colour Tones penetrate deep into the wood and enhance its natural beauty, manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials and then completed with natural pigments used to colour the oils.

Treatex Spruce

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