Cathedral Pre-oiled oak

Cathedral Pre-oiled Oak is a classic floor that constitutes being the most commonly used hardwood floor throughout the UK. As with most hardwood floors, the colour will change over time with the boards mellowing and darkening down as the norm. It is also possible to end up with a bleached effect if the floor is exposed to long periods of bright sunlight through large glass windows. As a newly laid floor you will get the golden Oak appearance with light and dark tones within individual boards and from one board to another. Over time as the boards mellow down this becomes less apparent. With its grain structure and colour tones this floor is quite forgiving as the floor wears in giving itself a steadily increased time given patina. As this is a clear natural finish it lends itself to easy maintenance by sanding and re-oiling. Regular cleaning using soap-wash and the use of maintenance oil when required should keep this floor looking good for years to come.