Cathedral oiled oak (Bali)

Cathedral (Bali) is a natural grey to caramel looking floor which shows out the deep natural beauty of the oak growth characteristics. The finish is achieved using a line brushing machine to remove the soft pithy grain and then the boards are fumed to create a reactive colour change before applying various colour oils. The floor is then buffed to remove the surface finish leaving slight grey in the grain and then two coats of clear finishing oil applied. This floor goes well with other natural floor finishes such a stone and raw finish's such as polished concrete. It also complements rooms with Green Oak beam construction. The fuming highlights colours and structure in the grain that other finishes fail to appreciate. This floor will change colour over time due to the fuming you should expect a lightening and evening out of board tones. Regular cleaning using soap-wash and the use of maintenance oil when required should keep this floor looking good for years to come.